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Revised Public Review Draft – June 2021

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Separate Chapter/Sections of Complete Plan

To accommodate slow connection speeds, the individual elements & appendices are provided below.

Element/ SectionDescriptionFile Size
1Introduction (2021)218 kB
2Land Use Element (2021)642 kB
3Agricultural Resources Element (2021)331 kB
4Open Space and Resource Conservation Element (2021)524 kB
5Public Access Element (2021)266 kB
6Water Resources Element (2021)316 kB
7Public Safety Element (2021)519 kB
8Circulation and Transit Element (2021)251 kB
9Public Facilities and Services Element (2021)344 kB
10Cultural Resources (2021)136 kB
11Glossary (2021)998 kB
 Revised Public Review Draft – June 2021 Complete Text Only2.18 MB
ADesign Guidelines 278 kB 
Public Access Plan 582 kB 
Right to Farm Ordinance 148 kB 
Scenic Resources1.04 MB 
Natural Resources264 kB 
Shoreline Protection132 kB 
Bodega Bay Vulnerability Assessment3.62 MB 
H2010 Bike & Pedestrian Plan Project List144 kB

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Figure/MapDescriptionFile Size
C-LU-1a thru 1kLand Use15.09 MB
C-AR-1a thru 1kAgricultural Resources11.99 MB
C-OSRC-1a thru 1kDesignated Scenic Resource Areas10.81 MB
C-OSRC-2a thru 2kEnvironmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas (2021)6.11 MB
C-WR-1a thru 1cWatersheds and Subwatersheds3.13 MB
C-WR-2a thru 2cGroundwater Basins2.49 MB
C-PS-1a thru 1cSeismic Geologic Hazards2.82 MB
C-PS-2a thru 2cSlope Instability Hazards3.17 MB
C-PS-3a thru 3kTsunami and Sea Level Rise Hazards11.45 MB
C-PS-4a thru 4cCoastal Exposure Threat2.56 MB
C-PS-5a thru 5cRole of Natural Habitat2.34 MB 
C-PS-6a thru 6cWildland Fire Threat2.54 MB
C-CT-1a thru 1cRoad and Bikeway Classification2.39 MB
C-PF-1a thru 1cSchool Districts2.26 MB
C-PF-2a thru 2cFire Districts2.22 MB
C-PA-1a thru 1kPublic Access9.25 MB

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Policy Comparison Tables

The following are policy comparison tables to assist in comparing the current (2001) Local Coastal Plan to proposed policies in the Public Review Draft. 

Table DescriptionFile Size
Land-Use269 kB
Agricultural Resources397 kB
Open Space600 kB
Public Access403 kB
Water Resources286 kB 
Public Safety320 kB 
Circulation Transit449 kB 
Public Facilities239 kB 
Cultural Historic Resources102 kB 

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Public Comments

Costal Commission Comments
(July 23, 2021 PDF: 248 kB)

Public Comments
(July 23-26, 2021 PDF: 2.21 MB)

Public Comments Received After Publication
(June 22 - July 22, 2021 PDF: 1.13 MB)

Public Comments 2020-2021
(PDF: 4.20 MB)


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