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Planning Commission Draft Sonoma County Local Coast Plan (August 2022)

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Separate Chapter/Sections of Complete Plan

To accommodate slow connection speeds, the individual elements & appendices are provided below.

Element/ Section Description File Size
1 Introduction (2022) 174 kB
2 Land Use Element (2022) 1,703 kB
3 Agricultural Resources Element (2022) 1,123 kB
4 Open Space and Resource Conservation Element (2022) 1,806 kB
5 Public Access Element (2022) 1,380 kB
6 Water Resources Element (2022) 1,134 kB
7 Public Safety Element (2022) 1,363 kB
8 Circulation and Transit Element (2022) 1,071 kB
9 Public Facilities and Services Element (2022) 1,140 kB
10 Cultural Resources (2022) 844 kB
11 Glossary (2022) 1,088 kB
  Revised Public Review Draft – August 2022 Complete Text Only 3.5 MB
Appendix A Design Guidelines  386 kB
Appendix B  Public Access Plan  604 kB
Appendix C  Right to Farm Ordinance  270 kB 
Appendix D  Scenic Resources 1,192 kB
Appendix E  Natural Resources 524 kB
Appendix F  Shoreline Protection 230 kB
Appendix G  Bodega Bay Vulnerability Assessment 4.3 MB 
Appendix H 2010 Bike & Pedestrian Plan Project List 252 kB
Appendix I Categorical Exclusions 524 kB
Appendix J Historic Resources 368 kB
Appendix K State Route 1 Repair Guidelines 4.1 MB
Appendix L Coastal Commission ADU Guidelines 316 kB

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Figure/Map Description File Size
C-AR-1a thru 1k Agricultural Resources 11.7 MB
C-CT-1a thru 1c Road and Bikeway 2.3 MB
C-LU-1a thru 1k Land Use 14.7 MB
C-OSRC-1a thru 1k Scenic Resources 10.6 MB
C-OSRC-2a thru 2K Environmentally Sensitive Habitats 6.1 MB
C-PA-1a thru 1k Public Access 9.2 MB
C-PF-1a thru 1c School Districts 2.2 MB
C-PF-2a thru 2c Fire Districts 2.2 MB
C-PS-1a thru 1c Geologic Hazards 2.2 MB
C-PS-2a thru 2c Slope Instability Hazards 3.1 MB 
C-PS-3a thru 3k Flood Hazards 11.2 MB
C-PS-4a thru 4c Coastal Exposure Threats 2.2 MB
C-PS-5a thru 5c Role of Natural Habitat in Reducing Exposure Subareas 2.3 MB
C-PS-6a thru 6c Wildland Fire Threats 2.5 MB
C-WR-1a thru 1c Watersheds and Subwatersheds 3.1 MB
C-WR-2a thru 2c Groundwater Basins 2.4 MB

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