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Group Members

Member Name Occupation Organization
Lisa Badenfort Government Affairs Director North Bay Association of Realtors
Steve Borchardt Owner, Licensed Contractor
Steve Brown Vice President, Professional Engineer Adobe Associates, Inc
Howard Brunner Professional Land Surveyor Cinquini & Passarino, Inc
Robert Cantu President Western Builders
Jerry Eddinger Licensed Contractor Eddinger Enterprises, Inc
Ryan Giannecchini President and CEO SC Barns Buildings & Fence
Karen Giovannini Agriculture Ombudsman UC Cooperative Extension
Eric Koenigshofer Attorney Attorney
Jim Olmsted Planning Consultant Olmsted & Associates
Bob Ost Principle Engineer Ost Engineering, Inc
Neil Peoples Architect Neil Peoples Architecture
Demae Rubins Principal Summit Engineering
Dyanna Stetina Civil Engineer Brelje & Race
Dan Wright Registered Civil Engineer Dimensions 4 Engineers