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Climate Change Action Resolution

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Climate Change ActionOn May 8, 2018, the Board of Supervisors of Sonoma County adopted the Climate Change Action Resolution to support a county-wide framework for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to pursue local actions that support the identified goals therein.

Climate Change Action Resolution No. 18-0166
(PDF: 472 kB)


Regional Climate Protection Authority (RCPA)The Regional Climate Protection Authority (RCPA) collaborated with a countywide Staff Working Group under the direction of the Regional Climate Protection Authority Board of Directors to develop a document entitled, Climate Action 2020 Plan: A Regional Program for Sonoma County Communities. The Regional Climate Protection Authority developed Climate Action 2020 over the course of several years, with input from all local city councils, the Board of Supervisors, local government staff, expert consultants, community sustainability leaders, and hundreds of members of the public. The Regional Climate Protection Authority certified an Environmental Impact Report and adopted the Climate Action Plan in 2016, and was subsequently litigated. The Superior Court found the Environmental Impact Report inadequate and the Regional Climate Protection Authority declined to appeal.

Unable to adopt the Climate Action 2020 Plan, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors adopted the Climate Change Action Resolution. This Resolution is intended to help create countywide consistency and clear guidance about coordinated implementation of the greenhouse gas reduction measures.

Resolution Highlights

  • Sonoma County agrees to work towards the RCPA’s countywide target to reduce green house gas emissions by 40% below 1990 levels by 2030 and 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.
  • Sonoma County adopts the following goals to reduce green house gas emissions, and will pursue local actions that support these goals:
    1. Increase building energy efficiency
    2. Increase renewable energy use
    3. Switch equipment from fossil fuel to electricity
    4. Reduce travel demand through focused growth
    5. Encourage a shift toward low-carbon transportation options
    6. Increase vehicle and equipment fuel efficiency
    7. Encourage a shift toward low-carbon fuels in vehicles and equipment
    8. Reduce idling
    9. Increase solid waste diversion
    10. Increase capture and use of methane from landfills
    11. Reduce water consumption
    12. Increase recycled water and graywater use
    13. Increase water and waste-water infrastructure efficiency
    14. Increase use of renewable energy in water and wastewater systems
    15. Reduce emissions from livestock operations
    16. Reduce emissions from fertilizer use
    17. Protect and enhance the value of open and working lands
    18. Promote sustainable agriculture
    19. Increase carbon sequestration
    20. Reduce emissions from the consumption of goods and services; and
  • Sonoma County will continue to work to increase the health and resilience of social, natural, and built resources to withstand the impacts of climate change; and
  • Sonoma County has the goal of increasing resilience by pursuing local actions that support the following goals:
    1. Promote healthy, safe communities
    2. Protect water resources
    3. Promote as sustainable, climate-resilient economy
    4. Mainstream the use of climate projections

Read Full Resolution and Staff Report