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Vacation Rentals Pay Permit Fees

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Vacation Rental Fees

Vacation rental permits require payment of the following fees:

  • 1163 – Annual Monitoring Fee - Recurring fee paid by the vacation rental owner per property
  • 1164 – Property Manager Certification Fee - One-time fee paid by the Property Manager when obtaining certification from Permit Sonoma
  • 1162 – Noticing Fee - Paid by the vacation rental owner when changing the Property Manager for a vacation rental property (for notifying neighbors of the change)

View Fee Schedule for Fee Amounts

Annual Monitoring Fee

Payment of the Annual Monitoring Fee is required in accordance with the County’s Vacation Rental Ordinance, Sec. 26-88-120 and invoiced to the Vacation Rental property owner annually. The 2021 fee of $224.00 is due and has been invoiced to your Vacation Rental permit.

All past due annual monitoring fee amounts will also be reflected in the total amount due, if unpaid. Fees are due in full payments, no partial payments are accepted.

To remit payment, you will need the Vacation Rental permit number. This number is different than your Transient Occupancy Tax Certificate. The permit number begins with “ZPE” or “TVR”. If you cannot locate the permit number, please search the permit history of your property, by address or parcel number.

If you no longer plan to operate the vacation rental and need to close the permit (or have already sold the property), please remit payment to become up-to-date on fees prior to submitting the form to close. To close your permit, please submit an Affidavit of Cessation via email to:

Payment of the Annual Monitoring Fee is required in accordance with the County’s Vacation Rental Ordinance, Sec. 26-88-120.

Instructions for Online Payment

To pay online, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Permits Online:
  2. Select the "Pay Fees" button.
    Pay Fees
    Pay Fees
  3. Search for your vacation rental record. Enter only enter permit number in the box labeled "Record Number" on the Search for Records page. Leave all other fields blank. Select the "Search" button at the bottom of the page.
  4. The detail page for your vacation rental permit is displayed.
    Select the "Payments" tab, then select "Fees"
  5. The Fees section displays your owed fees for the permit. In right side of the Fees section, select the the "Pay Fees" text (in tiny letters).
  6. Select the "Continue Application" button.
  7. Enter your credit card information. Then select "Submit Payment" button.

Cessation of Vacation Rental Use

Vacation Rental Zoning Permits and Hosted Rental Zoning Permits expire automatically upon the sale or transfer of a vacation rental or hosted rental property. Property owners who have sold their property should also let Permit Sonoma know as soon as possible in order to not be held liable for any vacation rental or hosted rental use of the property once it has been sold.

This form should be completed and submitted in all cases where the home is no longer being used as a vacation rental or hosted rental.

Fill out the PJR-145 Vacation Rentals Affidavit of Cessation Form (PDF) and follow the instructions on the form for submission.