Planning Commission Recommended Code Changes for Vacation Rentals

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Over-concentration and Commercialization 

Recommended: Adopt new Vacation Rental Exclusion Combining Zone 

  • Incorporated: New "X" Combining Zone - Exhibit C

Recommended:  Require a Use Permit for Vacation Rentals with more than 4 bedrooms

  • Incorporated: Exhibit E

Neighborhood Compatibility 

Recommended: Limit on number of vehicles – no more than 1 per bedroom

  • Incorporated: Exhibit E 

Recommended:  Prohibit Events in all vacation rentals

  • Incorporated: Exhibit E 

Recommended:  Reduced quiet hours to 10PM – 7AM

  • Incorporated: Exhibit E 

Recommended:  No outdoor activities during quiet hours (10PM – 7AM)

  • Incorporated: Exhibit E 

Recommended:  Regulate outdoor fires - size, location, cover required

  • Incorporated: Exhibit E 

Preserve Housing Stock

Recommended: Prohibit new vacation rentals in the R1 zone unless they are also within the Visitor Residential (VR) Combining Zone

  • Incorporated: Ordinance Section IV replaces allowance for Vacation Rentals with Hosted Rentals in the R1. Section VIII allows continued use in R1 unless revoked or sold. See also X Combining Zone – Exhibit C and VR Visitor Residential Combining Zone, Exhibit B

Expanding Opportunities

Recommended: Allow hosted rentals in R1

  • Incorporated: Ordinance Section IV

Recommended: Allow vacation rentals in C2

  • Incorporated: Ordinance Section III

Recommended: Allow vacation rentals in LC

  • Incorporated: Ordinance Section III

Recommended: Allow vacation rentals in K

  • Incorporated:Ordinance Section III

Recommended: Allow hosted rentals in guest houses

  • Incorporated: Amend definition of Guest house to allow them to be occupied separately, and add a new definition of Hosted Rental  - see Exhibit A

Recommended: Adopt new VR Visitor Residential Combining Zone

  • Incorporated: Exhibit B

Level the Playing Field

Recommended: Require certified Property Managers

  • Incorporated: Exhibit E

Recommended: Certified Property Managers to live within 30 miles

  • Incorporated: Exhibit E

Recommended: Require reporting of complaints and responses to PRMD website

  • Incorporated: Exhibit E

Recommended: Require ads and internet listings to include limits

  • Incorporated:Application Submittal Requirement

Recommended: Property Report Checklist

  • Incorporated: Exhibit E

Code Enforcement

Recommended: Impose larger penalty

  • Incorporated: Exhibit E

Recommended: 2 year term for permits

  • Incorporated: Exhibit E

Recommended: Citation program

  • Incorporated: Exhibit E

Recommended: 3 strikes summary revocation

  • Incorporated: Exhibit E