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PJR-008 Temporary Occupancy of Travel Trailers, Recreational Vehicles and Mobile Homes

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Revised 10/13/2010

For individuals displaced by a natural disaster, visit the Use of Travel Trailers & Recreational Vehicles for Temporary Occupancy by Fire Survivors page.

The permit requirements for temporary occupancy of travel trailers, recreational vehicles, and mobile homes allowed under the following circumstances:

  1. Temporary occupancy of a travel trailer, recreational vehicle or mobile home during the construction or major remodel/addition of a single family dwelling.
    1. a building permit for the proposed construction must be ready for issuance;
    2. the approved sewage disposal system must be installed and inspected;
    3. the temporary unit must be connected to the approved sewage disposal system;
    4. the temporary unit must be removed as a condition to receiving a final on the building permit for the new construction.
  2. Temporary occupancy of a travel trailer or recreational vehicle (no mobile/manufactured homes) to house a care giver per Sonoma County Code Section 26-88-010(p).
    1. requires documentation from a physician.
    2. must be renewed annually.
  3. Temporary occupancy of a travel trailer or recreational vehicle to house agricultural employees for 90 days on properties with a bonafide agricultural operation.

These temporary units shall comply with zoning regulations and shall be connected to water, electricity and a lawful sewage disposal system or sewer. Permits are required for electrical and sanitation connections and if the temporary unit is a mobile home, a permit is also required for the set-up. Permits may also be required if exit stairs and a deck are necessary. Temporary units that are 640 square feet or larger shall also comply with Fire Safe Standards for access, fire suppression, setbacks and addressing. (See attached sample drawings for temporary sanitary and electrical connections, exit stairs and deck foundation plan).

Submittal Requirements

  1. Temporary Permit Application
  2. Documentation from a physician (if applicable).
  3. Three (3) copies of electrical and sanitation connection details.
  4. Three (3) sets of floor plans.
  5. Three (3) copies of a complete site plan.
  6. Two (2) copies of installation manuals (for mobile homes and State approved manufactured homes.)
  7. Three (3) copies of exit stairs and deck detail, if required. 

Permit Fees

see current Permit Sonoma fee schedule.

  1. Mobile home setup fee.
  2. Minimum electrical fee.
  3. Minimum plumbing fee.
  4. Minimum zoning clearance fee.
  5. Well/Septic office clearance fee or hourly rate for field clearance
  6. Public sewer connection fee if served by public sewer. 

Permit Renewal Fee

A travel trailer or recreational vehicle used to house a care giver is required to be renewed annually. If the permit is renewed for the existing travel trailer or recreational vehicle, the applicant will be charged only the minimum zoning clearance fee for the annual renewal.

Temporary Sanitary & Electrical Connection

Temporary Sanitary and Electrical Connection

Exit Stairs

Exit Stairs for a trailer

Deck Foundation Plan

Deck Foundation plan for Trailer

Deck Detail

Deck Detail for Trailer

* Guard required when walking surface is 30" or more vertically from finished grade, at any point measured 3" horizontally from projected walking surface.