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Questions about Remodeling

Remodeling – General

How does this policy effect Waiver Prohibition Areas?

If I already have a building permit and I want to add to the scope of work, will I be subject to the new policy or the old policy?

Is Planning Clearance required for a Building Permit under this policy?

Is the square footage measured by using the interior or exterior dimensions for new additions?

Are walls that are removed and replaced to accommodate an Addition counted as walls removed and replaced as a percentage of a Rebuild?

How does this Policy relate to the Reutilization Policy?

Remodeling – Findings Reports/Field Clearances

Are Findings Reports/Field Clearances required for Building Permit clearances for structures without plumbing and/or non-habitable space if the septic system serving the parcel is more than 20 years old?

What is the difference between a Findings Report and a Field Clearance?

How long are Field Clearances and Findings Reports valid?

Are the requirements for a Findings Report or Field Clearance the same for an Interior Remodel/Minor Addition as they are for a Rebuild/Major Addition?

Remodeling – Best Available System

What does Best Available System mean?

Is there a distinction between Best Available System for a Rebuild and a Best Available System required for a Major Addition?